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Decorator Wall Cubes with Prima Iron-ons

This 3715_AKT4311is one of my new additions, I bought 2 sets (stock image shown to right) of wall mounted decorator cubes - they give me a place to display art, store jars and show off some of my quirky little curios - all without cluttering my bookshelves or desk.  This was something I badly needed to consider as I had so many little things all over the place I constantly had to move one thing to get to another.  I feel these also add something to a really boring walkway wall which I have to look at constantly, you can find more details here.

 The 920685cubes came from Howard's Storage World (an Australian storage and organisation store) and my wonderful hubby put them up. The larger ones went on the wall without a hitch the smaller one turned out not to be exactly the same as all the others and sits just a bit lower on the wall than I would have liked, but really doesn't matter that much and hopefully no one will know but me - so  'shhhhh'!

I didn't Craft room 004want completely plain white cubes, but didn't want to over-do-it either as the room is fairly minimalist - so I chose to add some wonderful Iron-on lettering from Donna Downey and Prima.   I bought 2 packs 'Inspire' & 'Enjoy' and used just the black word from each pack. 


I lined up each word, cut them from the larger sheet and placed them on the cube - double checking I had the correct side of the cube and the word facing 'up' the right way.

Craft room 001

Then following the instructions very carefully, I ironed the words onto one side of each large cube, so they would face me as I sit at my craft desk.   I used my tiny travel iron, this one was bought from a Quilting store.

Craft room 004

As recommended I then waited until both the iron-on and the cube were completely cooled down, and carefully peeled off the protective film.  Now this didn't work like a breeze first try - obviously I had not applied enough heat for long enough to the 'i' on inspire and when I went to remove the film I could see it was lifting.  To fix this I cut away the excess film and carefully repositioned the letter which had not stuck and ironed the letter again.  I waited for the whole thing to cool and this time when I removed the film, it was perfect.  So if these don't stick the first time - apply more heat, be patient and you will get the wonderful result you were expecting.

Craft room 008
Craft room 008
Even hubby was impressed by how wonderful these look.  The flocked iron-on words break up the white nicely and make the whole wall look just that bit more interesting.  These don't stick out from the wall very much and as a result are a wonderful idea for busy areas.