Had a ball at Scrapbook and Papercraft Expo
Crayon Art Canvas with Magicals Background

Revealing new room for Where Bloggers Create hop!

OK - so my Craft Room Cleanse and room revamp hit a few snags (mainly technical - thanks to my dead computer), such is life!  In an effort to get back on track posting wise (trust me the posts slowed down but my room revamp didn't)  I'm going to reveal my new room as part of the Where Bloggers Create party - you can join in too, just go to Karen Valentine's My Desert Cottage Blog and sign up!  Don't worry I will keep posting glimpses of the items I've created in the mean while - but the BIG REVEAL will now be July 14th 2012 - a little over 2 weeks away!  I'm so excited to show all of you the difference I've managed to make in my small space, both to the space itself and how things are organised :O)

WbcreateSo keep reading, I'm about to show you a few more fabulous ideas and in just over 2 weeks - I'll reveal what my creative space looks like now.