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Crayon Art Canvas with Magicals Background

Crayon Art Canvas with Magicals Background

Something a little different today - I'm creating an Off-the-page project using my yummy sparkly paints from Lindy's Stamp Gang.  Magicals and Color Shots are amazing pots of powder paint, shimmery, intense and oh so versatile.   The Magicals in particular are specially formulated to work as a paint when added to water and are suitable for use on paper, wood, canvas - basically most porous surfaces. 


The thing I love most about these is you can control the shimmer intensity and colour depth, more powder = more shimmer and richer colour, less powder a less intense and less shimmery result.  Guess which one I go for the most ....  As for the Color Shots these are sold in wide mouth pots so you can do a wider range of things with them - I added clear glaze medium to all of mine so I can use them as a paint that could be used as a thin glaze of layered more more depth and shimmer.


 What I Used:

What I did:

1. In a small airtight container, mix 2 tablespoons of glaze medium with 1/2 teaspoon of Black Orchid Silver Magicals (or whatever colour you choose), do not add the glaze medium directly to the Magicals pot as it is too small.  Stir well until Magicals are completely dissolved - for larger canvas projects you may need more mixture. You could also use Color shots for this, as they are in a larger jar with a wider mouth.

2. Paint the Black Orchid Silver Magical mixture evenly over entire canvas (including the edges) and leave to dry.  It should look a bit like this.

3. Glue crayons to top of canvas using hot glue gun, I put the colour name facing out, you may want the Crayola label facing forward or you may like a more random look for yours.  Leave hot glue to set.

  • Uvs120523-007
  • Uvs120523-006
  • Uvs120523-008

 4. Mix 2 tablespoons of glazing medium with 1/2 teaspoon of Midnight Rendezvous Raven Magicals in a small container (one with a lid is perfect if you have left over paint).  Stir well until Magicals are completely dissolved and then apply to lower half of canvas using stippling brush and stencil - I love the Paradise stencil from Crafter's Workshop that I used on this.  Again you could also use the Color Shots for this - that wide mouth jar is perfect for this type of thing.

Midnight rendezvous raven 1Remove the stencil and wash immediately, leave the project to dry completely.
5.  Use heat tool to gradually melt crayons and allow them to run down surface of canvas, I tilted mine as I was heating, the greater the angle the faster the crayon runs, experiment with the tilt to achieve best results.  To get the crayon to form pools, reduce the angle of tilt - ie: position the canvas so it's almost flat.  Just keep heating until you're happy with how it looks.

6. When crayons cover as much of the canvas as you want them to, set aside canvas to cool and set.  While this is cooling, prepare chipboard word by painting with same colour of Magicals as used for background (Black Orchid Silver in this case) or you could choose a contrasting colour.  Paint Magicals directly onto chipboard using a water brush and allow to dry.

7.  Use Ice White Pearl Pen to add a few pearly spots to the word and allow to dry.

8.  Cover embellishment with Glossy Accents and use same product to adhere word embellishment to crayon or canvas, place wherever desired.


Hang finished canvas where the sparkly Magicals and shiny word will catch the light.