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Hutch Style Storage for Craft Room

OK I have this amazing space and gorgeous looking desk - I was determined to create something equally useful and gorgeous to go with it.  I had been speaking in a previous post about buying a hutch - I looked high and low and couldn't find anything 'just right' for me, what I did find was too small, too big, too expensive, cost too much to ship and most of it would not make very good use of the space I have.  I know I harp on about using the space you have - but it really makes a HUGE difference, especially in a relatively small space like mine!  So I did a little begging of some friends, a little scrounging and a lot of work myself (a LOT of work - sore legs, back, arms - you get the idea!) and I now have something that is PERFECT for my needs, it might even be a solution for you. 

Let me tell you about my 'Hutch Style Storage' or my faux-hutch as I like to call it.

My hutch is made up of 4 individual pieces which fit together, I measured the basics I want to put in there BEFORE making the sections, so I know what I want in there actually fits.  Having individual pieces allows me to change the configuration if I want, or if I move spaces/tables.  The pieces are made to fit in several different ways, each piece is the same length (so I can stack them) and if I put them all together they are the same length as my desk and together create a single height unit - if the little units are stacked.  BUT that's not what I was after, I wanted a miracle!  I needed something:

  • which would allow me to have space in front of where I work (something a bit open so I had room for larger projects),
  • which moved my computer off my work space,
  • which allowed room to store the things which need to be close to hand,
  • which maximised the space I had, created more if possible and
  • which would be a safe place for my cats! 

A big ask huh!  Well this is how I got what I wanted.

It's made from old office shelves, there are holes, staples, nicks out of the laminate, staining, uneven edges, super glue marks, raw rough cut edges and they are perfect.  I scrounged the shelving and a friend cut it into rectangles which were screwed together to make the boxes below. If they need to be perfect, perhaps having these professionally made might be an option.  Me, I was just happy to be able to have them :O)  The larger boxes measure 38cm(H) x 55cm(W) x 35cm(D) and the smaller boxes measure  19cm(H) x 55cm(W) x 35cm(D).


Next, I needed to add a backing board to each of the 4 boxes for extra strength, but after cutting these to size, the boards (once white) were a bit scratched up.  I knew I would see these from my desk, so thought I'd do something a bit 'out there' to make them look better, wear better and hide the damage, also to really bring out my colour theme and pattern in the room.  I gathered my supplies: Fancy paper serviettes/napkins, backing board, flat surface to work on, wide bristle brush (I used my trusty gesso brush) and Pam Carriker's Mixed Media Adhesive made by Derivan.


Seperate the coloured layer from the plain layers of the serviette - you only use the coloured layer.

Apply a good coating of Mixed Media Adhesive to the backing board.

Glue the serviettes onto the backing board, I began in a corner and worked from there.  I tried to match up the patterns, putting extra glue on the edges and also overlapping serviettes when I needed to - some worked and some didn't, but that's OK there will be 'stuff' in here so you won't notice any little blips (I hope).


Once the board is completely covered, I added a layer of the Mixed Media Adhesive over the top for extra strength to the finished product (it also gave it a fabulous matte look).

You may find that no matter how careful you are, sometimes the serviette will tear, just use a spare piece to fill in the gap.  Don't be tempted to 'trim' the edges until this is completely dry - or you may tear the damp serviette away from the backing board.  I left mine for about 16 hours to fully dry and then carefully trimmed with a craft knife.  I then used tack nails to attach the backing boards to the boxes.

NB: I highly doubt this is exactly what it was intended for - but Pam Carriker's Mixed Media Matt Adhesive worked superbly to adhere the napkins.

Next I used my Golden Gesso in Black to paint any exposed edges, a small wedge shaped brush, one coat of gesso and some baby wipes (or a wet cloth) to wipe any paint off the laminex and I was getting closer to finished. 064

Once dry, these can be stacked on the desktop in a variety of configurations and provide easy access to 12x12 paper and card, stationary, a platform for computer/monitor, and a sturdy and safe place for leaping cats.  I can't wait to reveal my room as these look truly fabulous.  What do you think - could these work for you in your space?