Craft Room Clean Up - Step 1
Revamping Laminex Craft Desk

Decorator Wall Stickers and Transfers

OK - I'm back with another update, letting you know how my redecorating, remodelling, revamping of my craft room is going.  After moving everything out of my desk space and having the light bulbs swapped over the first thing I did was add my wall art (you can read about where I got these on my previous post).  The velvet blooms and the tree stick well, are easy to remove and didn't leave a mark when I moved and re-applied in a different spot (luckily)!  Of these 2 the velvet blooms are my favourite as these look to be of slightly better quality and I like that they do not have a shine.  The vinyl tree, is slightly less fabulous and watch out as you apply as if a piece escapes and touches the surface of one of the other pieces it can remove the colour and pattern.  This one was also not quite as easy to move and reapply, also best on matt paint - stuck VERY well onto my glossy painted door.   The vinyl orchid is not removable and had to be applied much more carefully - I'll show you this tomorrow as it is now part of my furniture, sooo exciting!!!!!! 

Bird & Tree


Velvet Hanging Vineyard Bloom


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On a side note, while interested, the cat's have not attacked or tried to scratch at these - even the sparkly crystals on the velvet bloom (bonus) and I think they really jazz up the room.   The room looks a bit naked right now, but trust me - this will be fabulous.