Revamping Laminex Craft Desk
Hutch Style Storage for Craft Room

Craft Spray Storage Unit (Starbursts, Dylusions, Mists & Glimmers)


I LOVE my sparkly sprays, Starbursts, Glitz Spritz, Moonshadow Mist, Dylusions, Glimmer Mist, Maya Mist, Mr Huey's, Perfect Pearls - the list goes on, and on, and on......  I'm thinking you may know I love the Starburst Sprays from Lindy's Stamp Gang most of all!  I've been keeping them in a large plastic drawer unit -  you can see my old way of storing sprays below:

Craft room 2012 058
It became clear that this was no longer going to work for me, I'm had trouble finding the colour I was after, I had swatches on the lid - but sometimes I'm looking for a specific colour and couldn't see the name.  I've tried sorting, but due to the nature of the drawer this didn't really work.  I spent many hours surfing around the net looking for storage ideas which would work in my space and had almost given up hope, when I spotted these on the Colcraft Facebook store, made by a lovely man named Colin.

These units were originally 3 shelves high, but I asked for mine to be made bigger - I guesstimated how many bottles would fit per shelf, counted what I had and crossed my fingers.  The unit measures 900mm high, 600mm wide and 70mm deep - and is perfectly sized to be mounted onto the wall behind the doors in my craft room - not on the door itself as they may be too heavy for the hinges.  When the doors are opened you don't even know these are there - perfect invisible storage and using 'wasted' space in my craft room.

As you can see the shelving units arrive as bare wood, I didn't think that was going to fit in with the rest of the room, so I tried my hand at white washing.  I mixed 1 cup of Water Based Enamel paint (the same stuff I used on the table) with 1 cup of water, I mixed for 5 minutes, let sit for 10 and mixed for 5 more until the paint and water were evenly blended.


I applied 1 coat of white wash over the entire unit, I left it fairly rough and was really happy as this allowed you to see the pattern of the timber underneath - the colour looked much more suited to my space as well.

But being me, I couldn't leave it there.  The instructions for white washing recommended a varnish over the top to protect it, so I thought I'd make mine sparkly!  I mixed one 200mL tube of Gloss Gel Medium (looks white and dries clear) with the dry powder from 2 bottles of Creme Brulee Starbursts.

Mix in a small bowl for 5 minutes until powder is evenly distributed.  As you mix you will see streaks of blue, red, yellow or even purple, appear and then disappear - these are the individual dye colours used to create the colour 'Creme Brulee Cream' and as long as you mix well, you will not see these individual colours in the final paint.  To make sure all the dye is fully dissolved, add between 2-3 tablespoons of water to the mix and stir for a further 5 minutes to combine.  This should ensure all dye is activated and mixed thoroughly with the gloss medium.039
Once thoroughly mixed, I painted the inside of each shelf with a paintbrush and then used a sea sponge (damp) to sponge the mixture on to the outsides, dowel and front edge of each shelf.039
I really like the little bit of texture this added to the paint and the fact that the resulting finish is slightly textured, means that the mica in the Starbursts catches the light and the units look like softly glowing pearls - sooooooo pretty, I wish I could capture this on film.039
My hubby mounted the units onto the wall, with the top shelf sitting at eye height and they are exactly what I had hoped for.  I misjudged ever so slightly and really needed space for 4 more bottles, but I'm OK with that, the ones on the top of the unit are colours I found I have 2 of - now that I can see them all.  I have them sorted by colour and within each colour they are sorted dark to light from left to right - doesn't my Starburst rainbow look fabulous?039
I am planning to decorate these just a tiny bit more, but as far as Starburst storage goes, these are just perfect - if you are in Australia and are looking for something like this I can highly recommend Colin from ColCraft.