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Craft Room Clean Up - Step 1

Here is my first update for my Craft Cleanse / Craft Room clean up - Oh my what a mess!  So before I could do much of anything I needed to move my craft desk.  This meant moving everything off the desk so the desk itself could be moved.  You don't realise exactly how much stuff you can fit onto a desk until it's sitting on your bedroom floor - my craft room/bedroom currently looks like this.  I'm continuing to tell myself - this is only temporary, it will get better, it will get better.....

The naked spot where my desk sits.
Desk drawers
This all came off my desk
so did this...

and there is more in the cupboard, but you get the general idea.  WOW I can't believe all of this came off the desk. 

Step 1 - Light Bulbs

Once the desk was moved out of the road I was able to begin, first thing I did was change my warm white halogen globes in the overhead lights (which give a yellowish tint to the light) to cool white, I also swapped to the energy efficient LED bulbs at the same time - seems like a small change but it really has made a noticeable difference.  The room seems brighter and lighter somehow, but I have also noticed that even though I purchased 'wide' beam bulbs, the light spread is a little more narrow - not a big deal, but thought I'd mention it.  I couldn't put in a skylight, but changing the colour of the bulbs has definitely helped.  You can sort of see the difference between warm light and cool light in the photos below.

You might consider this in your space - check which bulbs you have, can you change the colour, what colour do you prefer:

  • warm white
  • cool white or
  • daylight (aka white).

If you'd like to swap, you could always do it in stages as the bulbs need replacing, daylight is the light I like best, but these were unavailable, so cool white was my next preference and in retrospect perhaps a better choice for my dark, windowless space.