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Custom Stationary Holder

12 x 12 Paper holder

Sorry to have been so quiet recently - my poor computer died (5 motherboard replacements and still not working right!) and so for the last 4 weeks I've been waiting for my replacement machine to arrive - thank goodness for 3 yr warranties.  In the mean time, I really have been busy and have continued with my Craft Room Cleanup.  I have made, painted, decorated everything so that I can move it in the future, so even things which may currently be hidden, have been painted and sealed in case they end up on display, I figured no sense in doing something twice! 


So this is one of my recent purchases, a 12 x 12 MDF paper holder - it can stand the paper up or lay it flat.  I had thought about getting a 12 x 12 plus an A4 version, but decided that this one unit woud do fine for both.  I purchased this from floss5094 on eBay and it arrived completely put together and ready for a coat of paint - I was very happy with how well this was made.900b_0

I painted the inside and outside of the main frame with a quick coat of whitewash and I also used the white wash to paint the dividers.  I let this dry overnight and then used my trusty Golden black gesso to paint all of the edges.


Once the gesso was completely dry, I used my Pam Carriker Mixed Media Adhesive to glue some fabulous papers from Teresa Collins onto the centre of each panel - I did the whole way around, so if in the future I want to stand it vertically I can, and it will be decorated to same all over!  I also painted a layer of the mixed media adhesive over the top of the whole box, which gave the whole piece a wonderful matt finish, PLUS should make it a little more durable over time.
I think it looks rather spiffy, matches the rest of the patterned pieces pretty well and fits in rather nicely - smack bang into one of my units.  Now off to fill it up.....