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Day 2: What do you have and why is it a mess?

Step 2: OK so I'm going to start by taking stock of what I have RIGHT NOW! Truthfully all those beautiful craft rooms from yesterdays post are currently a dream, so I need to be more practical - what do I really NEED to make my space work for me and how I work? Kate's Craft Room - March 31st 2012 This is me - well at least for the next 14 years (hubby has relented and said I might... Read more →


Day 1: Craft Room Cleanse

Right - Day 1 of becoming better organised and creating my ideal crafting space, where to begin..... What do I want? I'd love something with some natural light - I hate creating under fluro lights :O( I'd like a room to myself, something with space for 2 tables so I can leave my paper trimmer and Vagabond out permanently I'd like a feature wall - something in calming green or maybe lilac or even black!!! I'd really like a tonne... Read more →