Day 8: Confession
Day 10: Are you a Lazy Arty/Crafty Type?

Day 9: The Copic Tower of Terror must go!

This is the 'Tower of Terror' - identified as a potential danger in my craft room - for me this first thing that has to go! I have 8 Copic Block stands organised on a lazy susan base (I love these but just don't have the room to keep them), on top are 4 containers holding my most used paint brushes, specialty pens, most used ink pads, double sided tape, foam tape, small camera, colour charts (on large rings), roller wheel and stamp scrubbing pad (which I haven't used in months as I forgot it was in there!).  All these things will need to be re-homed as the tower must go.  Here are a couple of close up's of the tower so you can see exactly how much stuff is crammed on here!

Craft room copic tower
The view from the top shows how precariously things are perched up there - now imagine 2 cats taking flying leaps over the top of this lot to get to their favourite spot on the stacked draws behind it - see the issue?  I've already had to pick everything up off the floor and put it all back more than once.

Craft room ink pad storage

I am now considering the following options as potential replacements for 'The Tower of Terror' - if you have anything else you think I should consider please pop a link to it, in the comments :O)  all help gratefully accepted!

I considered the Copic full colour case - but decided this didn't allow me to organise as much as I wanted, was a bit too floppy and being black fabric would likely be a magnet for cat fur.  Great for taking away a mountain of colours for training, but not my long term storage ideal.


I really like how neat Maureen's space is - but for me this would need to be way bigger.

I though Becky's idea from Arctic Stamp Queen Blog was heaps of fun - but I don't have a spare wall available.

Copic storage
 Jennifer made this amazing unit herself, she even put the instructions on her blog (My Magnolia World)  so you can try it yourself!  I like that this is standing - knowing me I might want my colours a teensy bit more ordered - but this is the size I'm after.P1010261
Jane from Box of Colours Blog also had a fabulous idea - she has instructions on her blog.  I like this, just not sure about getting the egg crate stuff where I live, or me cutting it.

Merlie from Cherish My Fetish Blog, has used this same idea but inserted the grate into a gorgeous box!  Now this really appeals to me, I wonder if Merlie would make me one :O)

IMG_5123 copy
Jangii from the Inking Spot of Crain Creations blog is using small pieces of drain spout - something about the squareness is very appealing!  I might even be able to make this one myself - would just need to cut the pipe.

I saw this at Scrapbooking Allsorts in Australia... my heart skipped - WOW - perfect size, nice and organised, all colours sortable - I think this is what I want!



Perhaps if I sell my old storage blocks I can afford the Copic Acrylic Wall

Ok Acrylic storage unit - but really it does look like a wall right - bonus it fits Ciao, Sketch, Original and Wide markers.