Day 29: Storing Paper Flowers & Leaves
Organising your Craft Room

Day 30: Decorating and making it pretty

I thought I'd plan a little decorating today.  Now I cant really paint a feature wall, most of it would be covered by furniture, so when I saw these wall decalsit was perfect (I bought a few different kinds - velvet and vinyl).  I bought a solid black orchid, a bird & tree and a velvet hanging vinyard bloom.  They are supposed to be really easy to apply to the wall and to customise the pattern so you can fit it to the space you have.  Now, while these may not be the height of fashion (or to some people's taste) and yes they are stickers, for those with few options, I think it's a nice cheap alternative that can make your space feel a bit more like 'You' - also excellent for those who may be renting and are looking for a pretty, but non-permanent solution.



I haven't personally dealt with any of these companies, so am not endorsing them in any way - but I found similar items at the following spots online:

I'll show you what I do with these when they arrive.