Day 28: Storing Metal Dies
Day 30: Decorating and making it pretty

Day 29: Storing Paper Flowers & Leaves

Come on we all have them and usually not just one or two!  The question becomes how do we store all those  flowers and leaves?  Do you sort by colour, by brand, by size, by packaged or non packaged - the choices are limitless.  Here are a few of the interesting ideas for storage I have found:

 Queen Be1 has this neat little unit on Flickr - so it's not going to fit in my room, but gosh isn't it adorable!  If anyone would like a look at Carols's amazing Shabby Chic studio check out her blog here - it's totally gorgeous. Paper leaves

Paula has hers in this very stylish unit, they appear to be sorted by colour and flower type in these handy little buckets.


Lim from the Voices in My Head blog has these  amazing units - I LOVE how these look and if any one knows where I can get something similar in Australia please let me know as they would be perfect for my plastic storage drawers.

Over at Kotton's Corner Jenny uses these adorable little jars to store her roses and other flowers - Tamara I'm not storing flowers in mine but there is a plan!



Now these are just a few ideas, I hope to have another post in the next week or two with a couple more, in the interim,

May your day sparkle,

PS - why is this post a bit short? Because my computer died (I'm currently working from my iPad) and because I've been painting my craft desk for the last 3 days - 5 coats later and it's looking good - photos and post to follow when laminating is complete.