Day 27: Stickles and Embellishments Storage
Day 29: Storing Paper Flowers & Leaves

Day 28: Storing Metal Dies

Wow don't metal dies multiply when you're not looking!  I was suprised to find I owned 20 when I bought this cute little purple Spellbinder Wizard Die Carrying Case case!

Spellbinder caseThen I discovered it wouldn't fit the large Spellbinder labels dies I wanted to store in it - so I moved to these great magnetic binders.  I don't remember where I first saw them in use, but I know Jerri Kay also uses them - the only thing I know of so far that will store the Grand Nesabilities.


Then I filled all my binders and needed even more space!  So I had a look around and stumbled across these fabulous ideas for storing your metal dies:

Christina at Card Making Magic has the fabulous idea of mounting her dies on the wall - LOVE IT! 


Over at The Craft Bin dies are being stored inside the clear Tim Holtz pouches that come with the Tim Holtz Stamp Binder.

Sherry is storing hers on magnetic cardboard sheets in a draw - organised by shape - lovely and tidy!

Arlene (Butterflykisses) had a great idea over on YouTube - if you're interested you can see her Chipboard Storage Book with magnetic strips over on You Tube.

I've chosen to do something which combines all of these fabulous ideas, I've chosen to use Tim Holtz Stamp Binders, filled with the clear Storage Pockets.  I then purchased a roll of magnetic tape which I stuck to one side of each pocket, on this I store my dies.  I've attached labels to split the dies into sections, round, square, rectangular, floral etc - this makes it easier to find things.  Inside each pocket I've popped the die packaging so that I know which company they are from and which particular set.  It might not be as elegant as Arlene's idea, but it does have a zipper, so I can be sure nothing falls out :O)

Die folder 001
Die folder 001