Day 26: Creating a wall display
Day 28: Storing Metal Dies

Day 27: Stickles and Embellishments Storage

WOW - these are the things that seem to be very easy to get into a mess.  When I look in my embellishment drawers all I see is confusion, there is stuff everywhere, this is what it currently looks like below. 

My charms and small metal embellishments are neatly organised in Craft Mates Lockables Organiser, I've mentioned these before and they are amazing - my favourite small embellishment storage!

31+sZgbvomL._SL500_AA300_BUT my larger items, chipboard die cuts, stickles, large metal embellishments, watch parts, crystals, Tim Holtz Ideology stuff - it's all over the place and it's a mess.

 I'm beginning to see the reason I can never find a chipboard die cut - I have 4 drawers which all look like this.

Craft room 2012 013
All my stickles are in this one drawer - all messed up and usually with a few random bottles of glitter as well.  Again I have to rummage about for the colour I want and since this is on the poorly lit side of my room I actually have to remove each bottle to read the colour on the label. Craft room 2012 040

So again I've been hunting and have found there are so many better ways to store these little items, here are a few.  If I had loads of $ and space I would have Stamping with Noel's storage option handcrafted just for me - I love this, I love how it looks, how organised and neat it is - it really is beautiful.

Kendra over at Travelling at the speed of life has this amazing button storage, I can imagine so many other things in here - PS check out her fabulous and unique room!


If you like to be able to see things (or need to) like me, maybe a Clip it up is the answer, these come in loads of sizes now and they have even released a large model.  This is Cindy Tobey's - she also has some amazing ideas over on Creating Keepsakes.

Can you imagine this as a wall in your space - I sure can :O)  Now Joe has loads of goodies in here - I'm impressed by how perfectly neat it all is.  You can see Joe's jaw dropping studio here.

I also love the Stickles storage Margaret uses over at Whimsey Unlimited.

For a solution which takes up less space on the desk, check out this idea from Mishay36 over at - they are all stuck to a velcro strip on a desktop sign holder, upside down and ready to go.

or the fabulous Christie has hers attached to the base of a shelf with magnets - also a truly fabulous idea.  If I end up with any shelf space I might consider this as an option myself - so neat and easy!

So what will I try, I'm really liking the look of that Clip it up so I will measure a bookcase and see it it will fit, if not I will look at another plan.  I LOVE the magnetic stickles storage, if I have a shelf I think this might be an option.

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Perhaps if I can't use these ideas I might come up with an idea of my own - or you all might be able to point me in the right direction :O)