Day 25: Craft Room Colour Scheme
Day 27: Stickles and Embellishments Storage

Day 26: Creating a wall display

OK - so I can't be the only one who has things they want to display in their craft room, favourite cards, beautiful embellishments, special memento's - currently they are all sitting in front of things on my bookshelves - guess what you need to move to get to anything - not a great idea!  Problem - I can't put anything in reach of my 2 active cats - so I saw these and thought they would be perfect.

3715_AKT4311Set of 3 Floating Lacquered Cubes

S - W15 x D10 x H15cm

M - W20 x D10 x H20cm,

L - W25 x D10 x H25cm.

Hold 2kg.


Windows to new worlds...

Let your creativity free.


I've purchased 2 sets - so I have 6 cubes of various sizes in total, I'm going to use these to display cards, nick-nacks etc.

Do you have any wall space you could use like this?  Do you have things on display which are stopping you from being able to access your supplies easily?  Look around and view those walls in a new light - they are space just waiting to be used.