Day 24: Cleaning up - no really!
Day 26: Creating a wall display

Day 25: Craft Room Colour Scheme

Choosing the colour scheme for my craft room - this was the easiest thing I've had to do this month.  I have black storage drawer units, I have green drawer units, I have white walls and I have purple folders.  So my colour scheme is black, white and green with a tiny bit of purple as an accent.  This might explain why I liked this craft room so much, it's almost where I want to be... I also have kind of a thing for damask patterns.


I've been thinking about how I can use all of these colours and this is my Pinterest vision board - Cruise in Chartreuse, as lime green/chartreuse is the green I have - and honestly I kind of like how fresh it looks.  I've found putting all of the ideas, looks, things you like is really useful as you can see patterns - I see damask popping up constantly.  It also is great to look at to get a feel for what you want - I seem to be after light, fresh and airy.

Cruise in chartreuse inspiration
So I'm going to combine black and white damask, with the lime green, and add a few random touches of purple and this will be the colour scheme for my room.  What am I going to alter to fit in with this new look:

  • Walls - nope already white
  • Table - currently brown, I am recovering this with whitish laminex and painting the remaining sections with white enamel paint - I may get fancy with the drawer section
  • Storage folders - I already have some while folders, so I will decorate some fancy spines to add to these, in my chosen colours and spruce them up a little, and go from there.
  • I have some purple embellishment folders - I will make new labels for these in my chosen colour scheme so they fit in a little better
  • Art in room - a bit random, my Nefertiti painting will move to a new home and be replaced with something I have decorated in my new colour scheme
  • Bookcases - 1 is already black, I don't know I can do a whole lot to the other 3??? 
  • Storage units - currently many green/black/cream units - all a bit mismatched - will move and reorganise these to try and make better use of space - perhaps I can throw away a few when I'm finished - it will be the odd colours that don't fit in!
  • I've also bought some black damask flocked paper - I'm planning on using this as an accent - not sure where, but it is gorgeous - so I'll use it somewhere.

Questions to ask Yourself?

  1. What can you do in your room to 'bring it all together'? 
  2. Are there colours in your area right now that you can use?
  3. Is there something you can't change - but could alter other things to match this?
  4. What are some cheap simple options for altering items, so it looks unified without costing a kidney?
  5. Are you attracted to any particular patterns?
  6. Do you have 1 thing (furniture or art) that you really love, could you use this as the basis for your colour scheme?