Day 23: Storing Adirondack Paint Dabbers
Day 25: Craft Room Colour Scheme

Day 24: Cleaning up - no really!

While some may doubt you - so far this is what cleaning up looks like..

Desk has some new components (copic holder) but is covered with items being sorted in preparation for culling, moving and sorting.  I know eeeek!

Cleaning up 001
Spare room has bed covered in stuff being sorted into piles for sale (no I am not able to take over this room as a craft room, my family like to sleep here).

Cupboard has bags and boxes of items to be culled either for sale, re-distribution or donation - yes that's actually a box and a bag of stamps to go - wow I have some stuff.

Cleaning up 002
I have thrown out stuff as I go that really is rubbish, so far about 4 bags - good grief I like making piles of scrap paper!   I have decided on a few storage ideas and have a few decisions yet to make, I've ordered a couple of items and am waiting for these to arrive and find a home before looking at anything else. 

This is THE DANGER ZONE - where you have created new bags, piles etc but have not yet made any improvements - it's very easy to get distracted and stop here!  DON'T STOP - if you do, you just end up with many more piles of stuff, your desk may remain clean for a while, it may look tidier, but so far you have not made a dent on re-organising.  In doing the same thing you've always done, you will get the same results you've always gotten!  We can do this.