Day 21: Storing Plastic Templates and Stencils
Day 23: Storing Adirondack Paint Dabbers

Day 22: Storing Paper Punches

Now this should be easy for me as I have hardly any punches compared to some others I've seen - wow some people love punches!  Me I have a very weak wrist, the kind where too much use causes it to kind of go numb and I have trouble holding things - very annoying - so I much prefer my Vagabond, but even I have around 20 punches of varying styles and sizes (of course very few are the same size, shape or type).

Currently they live in 4 drawers, determined by their size - I often need to open all 4 to find the one I am looking for - so not very efficient, not labelled and I've been known to put it back in a different drawer.  Perhaps some of these storage ideas might be a better option:

This first one - the Kanga Pouch reminds me of an over the door shoe holder, but it's for supplies, a very clever space saving idea.

I so want a Home Depot in Australia as then I could get one of these Martha Stewart punch/stamp storage units - so nice and also looks rather useful, love the different sized shelves.

Martha stewart punch storage unitI like this small desk unit from Staples in the USA mentioned on Stamp That!  It has a small footprint, rotating/revolving and just big enough to fit a few essentials.


There's a bigger version of this in Sharon's Scrappy Space - I believe this unit comes from StampinThings

I really like Nicole's Idea for storing border punches (mentioned on Creating Keepsakes Blog), but I just don't have that many - that's not to say my collection may not grow while I'm not looking.

I love this shoe rack for storing punches - great right!  This one is in the craft space of Monica from My Many Passions Blog

Desk front punches_thumb[1]
 Judy Jackson uses curtain rods mounted on dry wall/ plaster board to store her punches.

Stamp room 001
Or for this slightly larger version, check out Barb's Craft Cave.

I have so few I think they will continue to live in drawers for the moment, but I do intend to organise them better.