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Day 20: Ink Pad Storage

Tips for Ink Pad  Storage

I can't be the only person out there with almost 100 ink pads to organise - yes I know that's a lot of ink pads, I also KNOW I am not alone (go on count yours, they add up faster than you expect!).  It is now the time to figure out how I'm going to store these little guys as presently they are all over the place, draws, shelves, stacked etc.  So I've done a little browsing and here are some of my favourite ideas for ink pad storage from the web (keeping in mind they most pigment-based inks can be stored facing up and most dye based ink pads are better stored facing down - Distress Ink pads being the exception - Tim says for them they are OK to store facing up).

Currently I have most of my ink pads stacked in drawers all over the joint, and my most used pads in one of these neat little metal stamp pad organisers made by Cropper Hopper, it comfortably fits 8 pads, 11 if you don't mind things being a bit fiddly.

I really like the clean and simple wall storage idea shown by Carrie over at The Artistic Avenger blog.  I might need a wall of these though to store all my ink pads, Carrie mentions that it was from Ikea. Img_64301

This is a side view from Kulat4 on Splitcoast Stampers she also lists more information - apparently it was sold as a DVD storage unit at Ikea.  I really like this idea - not sure if I can use it in my space though.


If you are a bit handier than me you could try your hand at this - thanks to Message In A Fold for the awesome idea and brilliant video.

Sue from Stampin Things sent me a sweet email and link to her HUGE array of storage options (no I'm not affiliated) I thought these looked really interesting, sadly being in Australia the cost of postage is more than the units - but if you're in the USA they are worth a look.

Stampin things

Sherri Vavra (find Sherri on Facebook here) has one of these (I'm a little jealous!) and they are available for purchase in the USA - WOW compact and stylish!

I really like the look of the table top ink pad unit from Patty at Patty's Stampin' Spot blog.  For those in the USA I found this for sale at Stamper Storage and for those in Australia there is a lovely man with a store 'Colcraft' on Facebook who will make these to order.  I like this idea a lot - just not sure how I could incorporate it into my 'zone' definitely on my 'to consider' list.


I loved Laura's idea over ot Following the Paper Trail - it would just need to be twice the size :O)  Yes she made it!


Lisa from Peanuts & Peppers Papercrafting is using the Stampin' Up Ink Caddy. It holds not only 48 reinkers, but 48 stamp pads as well - looks interesting, except I don't have the room for a rotating caddy on my desk - I've proved this with my Copic Marker tower.

Ink Pad Storage
Then I saw this and it's so tidy looking the unit is from Organize More in the USA - I don't think I have the bench space to store it though - but hmm.  Again if you are in Australia you can have something similar made from Colcraft.


For the ultra economy option (or a temporary option) you can try using cat food boxes like Helen (from Visual Diary of a Virgin Blogger) has done here.

Ink pad storage 005
While on the topic of inks I loved this idea from Kottens for a colour swatch book - I need one of these as I often forget what it looks like stamped vs sponged.

But what can I incorporate into my space?  The way things are currently set up - none of these would work - so this may require some re-working of my craft space, lucky that's what I'm doing right now. 

What I have decided so far:

  1. I do not need every ink pad on my desk - just those most used, so my Distress Ink pads, my Versamark/Versafine, Memento, Archival and Black Brilliance - still that's quite a few!
  2. For those stored in drawers, single layer preferred (if possible) so all can be seen without 'digging' - something I can admit I rather dislike.  I will re-purpose some of the drawers I already have for these - and they are being banished to the bookshelves - not every ink pad needs to be right on my desk - some I only use for specific techniques.
  3. My desk is too deep to have ink pad unit along back wall (pads would not be able to be reached while sitting down) and I'd have to bend and reach over a rather wide desk each time - just not going to happen.
  4. I can have some sort of ink pad storage either to my right against the wall, or in front of the drawers (or whatever ends up being there) on my desk - not sure if that would work? Either way will need to be short and skinny and not take up too much room.

I need to make a few other changes before committing to an ink pad storage method - don't want to buy something that turns out to be useless.  So stay tuned, I'll come back to this...