Day 18: Excavating a Craft Room Pile
Day 20: Ink Pad Storage

Day 19: There's No Way in just 30 Days!

LOL - it seems I was underestimating how long this may take - I didn't give enough thought to the fact that I first have to find the right storage solutions, then track them down, buy or make the solutions, then put them in place and then transfer my stuff into them!  30 days will not be long enough so I am extnding my Craft Room Clean Up/Cleanse until the end of May - giving me (and YOU) 60 days - plus one extra. 

So here is what will happen:

  1. I will officially extend the sign up's for the Craft Room Cleanse until end of May 2012
  2. Gift will be drawn at the end of May - I may even have 2 prizes for people who sign up to follow the Cleanse, since it's now running over 2 months
  3. I will continue to post each day in April with ideas, notes and info re storage options
  4. I will post a bit less often in May and make it more about what I am personally doing in my space
  5. In May I will also be showing you some amazing spaces in a 'Guest Desk' series of posts, I've got some fabulous people who have agreed to be a part of this.
  6. I will post some pics of MY room and the updated items I am installing, plus things I have created to go in there

So stick with me - we are in for one fun ride, wheeeeeeeeeeeee