Day 16: Storage items bought so far
Day 18: Excavating a Craft Room Pile

Day 17: Storing Stationary

Sooooo I have rather a lot of pens, pencils, markers, inks etc - not as much as some (EG: the lovely Jane Davenport) but perhaps more than the average crafter - I tend to hoard and I rather like my markers, pens, pencils, crayons, pastels, neo colors, you get the general idea!  Some of these items can be stored standing up (eg: Pencils or crayons) others need to lay flat (eg: gel pens).  So what to do with my space, I don't really want anything else on my desk as one of my goals is to get some of my stuff off my desk - so off to the net I went, looking for ideas - I found loads, not sure I found exactly what I'm looking for, but I know some of you following this might like one or 2 of these ideas.

I thought these re-purposed and painted tins from Chic Geek Designs were a cute touch - but no space to put them.. my pencils already live on my desk and they don't need company.

Re-purpose_Cans_YoungHouseLove_editedA similar idea was found on Creative Flourishes blog and wow does this look effective, so neat and I think most of us can get our hands on some paper towel rolls or toilet rolls and some decorative paper!  Awesome idea Nicky - love how you made this.

If you have more desk space than me - this wonderful idea from Storage Glee for re-using plastic containers is inexpensive and come on pretty darn cute!  Don't limit it to milk bottles though, imaging al the containers you could use for this.

Then I saw Viola's version on Shabby Chic Inspired of this and it's a work of art, I really considered this but it would need to be massive and I could only use it for my pencils - so I've filed this in the area of 'art'.

Found the most clever home-made storage over at Elizabeths creations studio blog - she also has directions on how it was made if you are interested.  This could also easily be used for Copic markers, I think that's what is in this photo right now.


More Design has a totally unique idea for storing and creating art, as much as I have the room, I don't think they would want to come out of this wall unit to be used - so also filed under 'art' and keep looking...

500 Colored Pencils Subscription4
For pencils I rather liked Doug's idea over at Colored Pencil Studio, simple but stylish and effective - only sticking point is finding little containers that fit inside the bamboo unit.

 This awesome storage unit from Things Organised Neatly looks amazing - I just need a bigger room to fit it in!  OR I could use a smaller version of this - now that's something to consider - love the cubbies!Art,supplies,organization-8b2dcb31fa4aa1e7d21f50b7afe7b929_h

I'm thinking I may need to get my 'hutch' sorted out before deciding on a stationary storage option as I don't know where I will need to put these things.  They can NOT stay in my plastic drawer, where I need to remove everything to find anything and they can not continue to live in their original boxes (where I don't use them).  Sooooooo hutch first and then stationary.

May your day sparkle,