Day 14: Ideas for Ribbon Storage
Day 16: Storage items bought so far

Day 15: Storing Paper Scraps

We all have them - but what to do with them?  I'm hopeless with my paper scraps - they begin life as a pile on my desk (since the single draw I allocated for them is now full), end up in piles on the floor, I give them away, put them on top of shelves, store them in drawers, rarely remember to use them and gain more with every project!  So I've been looking for a few good ideas about how to store these pesky little critters - in such a way that it fits with my space and actually encourages me (perhaps even demands!) that they be used.

Sharon from No Time to Stamp stores her paper scraps in vertical hanging files in a filing cabinet - each sorted by cardstock colour.  Neat and organised, but I um don't know all the names of my card - somewhere between beginning my collection and now, I lost track of what colour was which.

Amanda has hers sorted by colour in these little drawer units.  I like the idea of sorting by colour, but with my space issues I'm trying to get rid of some of my drawer stacks.

Sunday from Sundayl Designs also sorts by colour, but has each colour in a plastic sleeve and these are then stored in expanding files for easy access.  This is also a great neat way to store - but I worry I would put them in the pocket and never use them again!

I love how Betsy Veldman's idea looks, she cut her scraps down to 6" pieces and used the leftovers to create patchwork card bases (you can see these on Betsy's Blog) - so pretty!

Jennifer from A Cow Says blog had a seriously cool idea for patterned papers, she explains it as 'I make Scrap Flip Books....they are super simple to do and it makes finding and using all my scraps so much easier... I just trim the width of my scraps to the nearest inch and then stack them shortest to longest and "bind" them with a binder clip.'

Now I almost didn't use this as I don't know who deserves credit, (I hate not giving credit where it's due) but it's one I like (though perhps on a smaller scale!).

I've been toying with the idea of using this Projections Sticker Stadium from Cropper Hopper as paper scrap storage - but I'm not yet entirely convinced it will suit (pity I can't see it in person before purchasing), I think it might be bigger than I need.

CH92651Ok, so far I really like the patterned paper flip books, the paper in the individual open organisers and the papers cut down to 6" stored by colour, but will any of these work for me?  The open organisers and the 6" papers in baskets both take up desk space (or shelf space), looks like I can't get away from that.  I like the flip book, but I'd need to store this in a basket or drawer.  I'm wondering if perhaps I can re-purpose something in my craft room rather than buying anything new?  I think that's worth considering...

If you have any suggestions for storing paper scraps I'd love to hear them (or see them) as I'm still not sure which way to go on this issue.  Suggestions?