Day 13: Terribly Tempting
Day 15: Storing Paper Scraps

Day 14: Ideas for Ribbon Storage

Like the rest of my room my ribbons are all over the place.  I bought this fabulous drawer storage unit from Cropper Hopper - who then kindly discontinued the cards required to use the unit - before I had purchased enough for all my ribbon of course - yes I've checked ebay in every country I could think of!  NOT HAPPY! 

So I am now faced with a few options

  1. Continue with current storage - some in the Cropper Hopper drawers and some just a mess in other drawers
  2. If I have enough space store all ribbon in my CH drawer units,  by making my own ribbon cards.  I tried cardboard = too thin, chipboard = expensive/thick, plastic ice-cream lids were ok - but I don't eat enough ice-cream to provide enugh lids within the next 3 years (how sad I'm sure I could try harder on that front!)
  3. Look for new way to store ribbon - needs to be neat sorted and allow me to see what I have quickly.  Needs to cater to storing different lengths, widths, thicknesses, without mess.

So still unsure about which way to go I've done a little investigating on a variety of ribbon storage options, and my favourites are below:

I loved the look of Kerry's ribbon storage idea, seen on Orangebloom Blog - rather stylish.


Stacy from My Love Affair with the Label Maker blog stores hers in boxes on ribbon cards, 1 colour per box - doesn't it look wonderful.  This is sort of what I was going for, I just don't have that much ribbon and I've run out of ribbon cards.


Donna Downey's idea is gorgeous to look at but the cat's would have it shredded faster than I could shoo them away!


Rindy from kitchenklique blog shared this nifty idea for those with ribbon on spools - use a pant/slacks hanger and store in your cupboard.  Nice and inexpensive - sadly I don't own even 1 ribbon on a roll.

IMG_4407I saw this same method mentioned over at The Domestic Diva - along with soooo many others it was a little mind-boggling!  If you've got a stack of ribbon head on over to the blog and check it out.

Judy Jackson has this truly impressive set up for her ribbon - all I need is some wall, PVC rain guttering and ribbons on spools and this would be a wonderful idea!  Judy went on to explain that she 'loves using these PVC rain gutters for holding my ribbons. They are not expensive – an eight foot length of gutter is usually about $10 – they key word is “about.”  The size of the channel in the rain gutter is such that a roll of ribbon about 4 inches across - or even wider – fits perfectly.  I can see the ribbons I have easily. I can pick up the spool – take it to my craft table – and then it can be replaced very easily as well.'

Stamp room 003 to email

I also love Gunhild's way of storing ribbon - I've been looking at the Ribbon Rings myself, the only thing I'm unsure of is how these will go with my cats - I'm worried these will look mighty tempting to the moggies!

Ribbon ironI'd also like to buy one of the little Pebbles Ribbon Irons when available in Australia - this would help with those horrid bumps from being wound around the storage cards. 

I couldn't really stand the idea of leaving my ribbon the way it is, and I need to ditch a few of my drawer units - so I made a decision and have decided to purchase a few of the Ribbon Rings to see how they go.  In Australia I bought these from 2 places as they were surprisingly difficult to find - and not as cheap as I would have liked!  I got a starter kit from 4 Crafts Sake for $12  and a pack of the Ribbon Rings Tags - Jumbos from Shop and Crop for $19.95  I will post a follow up pic when I receive these and have them in use.  I don't really know how much ribbon I have, so am unsure if I have bought enough rings to store my whole collection or just the loose ribbon shoved higgeldy-piggeldy into drawers - I could end up with free space!