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Day 14: Ideas for Ribbon Storage

Day 13: Terribly Tempting

Oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear!   While looking for storage ideas I ran across these 

19376largeadorable bookend units from Kaisercraft - I now find myself desperately looking for some way to incorporate at least one of these into my space, because I REALLY WANT ONE   they are so gosh-darn cute!!!

Please help me by providing ideas about what on earth I could store in these little beauties - I'm planning on keeping most of my storage purely practical, but I'm a bit of a 'girly' girl (or so I've been told) and would really like at least one pretty decorative thing in my room.  Read on to see all the photos from people who REALLY aren't helping, these make me want to run out and buy bucket loads of these units right now.


Kaisercraft Bookends-400wi
Chandon Craft
Lyn B Scraps
Monica's Creation on Kaisercraft Blog

PS - now I really need ideas on what I might store in here as I 'accidentally - on purpose' bought one :O)  A girl is allowed a little frou-frou!