Day 11: Ten Tips for Lazy Crafters
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Day 12: Storing Paper & Card

One of the things I identified as a nuisance was my paper/card storage.  Basically it's too far away to easily access, there is no organisation or system - the colours are all over the place, the folders are crammed with so much I can barely lift them and this also means that the pages are half hanging out of the folders.  Because they are heavy and jammed in together I am less likely to go to the effort of putting my leftovers or unused papers away and they end up in draws, in piles, on the desk, on the floor, sitting on books etc - you get the idea.  So both their location and current storage needs some tweaking.

So I've been surfing  and have found some amazing paper storage solutions - oggle these at your own peril!

Kendra Wiggins from Scrappin Cricut has a WALL of storage - drool, drool, drool - it looks like her own personal store!  Of course I don't have space for this, but my isn't it impressive.  Actually come to think of it that 2nd photo looks sort of possible - hmm..... maybe on a smaller scale..

DSC01833 [800x600]
DSC01833 [800x600]
Stampin Design from Scrapbook Organisation Blog found these amazing Jetmax cubes for organizing your  paper at Michaels in Canada.  These neat draws are designed to house cardstock or  papers in 12" x 12" hanging file folders. I love the idea of having them all out of the way like this, but again not sure where I'd fit these in. 

Cardstock - Nov 2010 001Natalie Nyistor suggested something along these lines, but a bit more budget conscious in her email saying 'I have all of my 12 x 12 patterned papers sorted into suspension files (available from Officeworks).  The suspension files are inside a cheap plastic suspension file box.  I have sorted the papers by colour families e.g. reds, pinks, blues.  Don't worry that the 12 x 12 papers are larger than the A4 suspension files.  As long as you don't overload each file, the papers will stay upright.  If you do put too many papers inside the files, the files may collapse a bit from the weight of the papers.  I have sorted all of my offcuts of 12 x 12 papers and plain cardstock into another suspension file.  Again, these are sorted into colour families.  Whenever I'm making a card, I firstly go to this file to look for offcuts before I go to my other suspension file box of unused papers.'

I think I just saw the motherload of fabulous neat and hidden paper storage ideas over at Stampin with Di  by Diana Gibbs - ah, maybe in my new house (the one in my dreams that is).

Nichol Magouirk uses a Pottery Barn Bedford Hutch to store her folded cards and a Cropper Hopper Rolling Cart to store her 12 x 12 papers - I like both!  I'm thinking the hutch in particular is mighty interesting - we don't have pottery barn in Australia, but I wonder if I could find something similar?  Plus I'm already considering the hutch very seriously, so maybe this (or something like it) could be one of the components?

Darcy from Smart Bottom Enterprises (love the name) made her own storage - you can find the instructions on her site - love how this turned out and that it was so cheap.  Now I haven't got room on my desk for this, but maybe a shelf - just because it's so darn cute!

Amanda from Kevin & Amanda
is using an oldie but a goodie, I really like the look of these paper holders - my only worry is if you don't have enough paper in there - do things bend out of shape?  Still, definitely on the list of options.

My papers/card are currently stored here photo below (oh and a few draws of envelopes and pre-folded card in my skinny draws, umm and a few packs of my favourite watercolour card and black eclipse card in Bookshelf 2, and the watercolour and canvas pads in Bookshelf 3) - hmm I'm beginning to see a problem - I have paper squirreled away everywhere - no wonder I can never find what I'm looking for!

Paper storage
In the last 18 months I've used NOTHING from the section marked Specialty/Plain A4 coloured card - I haven't gone looking, haven't opened them haven't even wanted to open them.  I think it's time these papers found a new home, and even better in doing that I reduce the space I need by almost 50%.  I also need to cull my scrapbooking papers - seriously I have 10 of some patterned papers - 10 - I don't even scrapbook, what was I thinking????  Currently most of my paper is stored in either A4 or 12x12 folders - I do like this as it keeps things neat and I can flip through to find the colour I'm after - but gosh do they get HEAVY.

So taking into consideration 2 of my previous posts about Best use of space and Tips for Lazy Crafters - I think I need to try and put them somewhere they are all together, move them into lighter more easily managed folders, and if I can, closer to my desk - or maybe even on it!  The papers are something I use on every project so they should be in my 'Working Zone'.  I began over the Easter break and have sorted through all my papers and card - first I culled those I no longer want, then I pulled out ALL my plain paper and card and resorted it - each colour now has it's own folder, the folders are way lighter and I only have half as much space used.  I still have a way to go and it took me 3 full days to get this done, but I feel it was worth it.  I still don't have anywhere else to put them right now, but I've made a start.  I think I'd like some of my papers 'out' on my hutch (when I get one) - so I can easily grab a new piece while working.  I will take this into consideration when designing my hutch components.  Will be back later this month to show you my progress.