Letraset Aqua Markers - yum yum!
Day 1: Craft Room Cleanse

30 Day Craft Room Cleanse - it begins April 01 2012

Trends-diy-detox-lrgI'm going public, for the months of April and May 2012 I will complete a 60 Day Craft Room Cleanse.  What does that mean?  Well some of you may have seen the post about my ahem slightly overcrowded craft room (you can find it here if you missed it)  it's time to do something drastic!  I signed up for Rhomany's Whimsical Workspaces last year on Willowing and she totally went at her craft room like a whirlwind, in fact this fabulous lady was so enthusiastic I got lost - lol, just couldn't keep up - I have so much stuff there was no way I could tackle it at the time - I didn't even have a plan!  Well, the brain is a wonderful thing - while I may not have been ready then - I've been thinking about it ever since and I am now ready to begin. 

So for the months of April and May, I will be reorganising, sorting, selling, culling, decorating and using what I have, also I plan not to BUY my usual amount of stuff in April either!   I might need some help though, as I think I might be just the slightest bit addicted to new craft products - yes I mean all of them!!!   I will post my progress, any useful tips and of course the finished product - my newly organised and gorgeous craft space (I'd say room but it's only 2 walls, some bookcases and a desk in a walkway in my house).  I will also post a list of all the yummy craft products I come across in the month, but if they are not on my 'Free Pass List' I won't buy them - I will resist and assess if I really NEED it!

My Craft Cleanse Mantra:

  • I will only buy 4 craft items in April - if it's not on my 'Free Pass List' I will not buy it
    (I may require revival after fainting if I make the 30 days - I know my husband will). 
  • I will use the stuff in my craft stash to create yummy projects
  • I will look critically at what I own and what I actually need
  • I will open ALL the little draws/boxes and piles and look at what lies inside
  • I will de-clutter based on what I USE not what I might use
  • I will use the time to organise ALL my millions of draws/piles and the items hiding within
  • I will begin sorting things for sale and selling these or giving things away
  • I will NOT be tempted by new colours, Ranger or Prima releases
  • I will personalise my space as much as I can, make it my own and make it beautiful (within budget)
  • I will not run out in the next few days and buy enough new things to last me through April!

Kate's Free Pass List:
I will buy only the following 4 new craft supplies (stuff I am being given to use for an upcoming show in June doesn't count as that's work related!)

  1. New release Lindy's Stamp Gang Starburst Sprays and Flat Fabio's (when available)
  2. Sweet Pea Stamp - I have one from the new Ching Chou Kuik collection on my Must Have list
  3. Dylusions stamps (not sure which set yet)
  4. Adirondack Distress Markers (if available in Australia in April)

I'm going to host the count down here on my blog, I will post info and tips that I'm using to help myself and let you know how I'm going.  If anyone would like to join me in the April Craft Cleanse, please leave a link to your blog underneath with a comment (look for the little blue frog), so I can visit, leave a little love and offer some moral support - I imagine we might need it.  I'd also love to see what you're doing and how you're going.  I will also pick a random person who has been on this journey with me and send you some goodies - country doesn't matter I'll send anywhere on planet Earth - and you KNOW there will be at least one sparkly product in there :O) Winner will be chosen from those signed up using Linky Tools Widget below (the blue frog) and announced on May 31st.

To join in it doesn't need to be a HUGE committment on your part, you might just like to clean off your desk, go through your scrapping papers, tidy a set of draws - big or small, come and join me!  Post your Craft Room Cleanse intention on your own blog (link back to me if you like - not compulsory), tell people what your Craft Cleanse Mantra will be (this is your choice - you don't need to use mine, but you are welcome to if you want!), post some photos and keep us up-dated - I'd love to know how others are going with this.  If you want to add the linky widget to your post so YOUR friends can join, email me at [email protected] and I'll send you the widget code - I love to share.

This was my desk recently, I found it hard to actually find a free spot to create. that's when you know it's time to have a Craft Room Clean-up!