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30 Day Craft Room Cleanse - it begins April 01 2012

I'm going public, for the months of April and May 2012 I will complete a 60 Day Craft Room Cleanse. What does that mean? Well some of you may have seen the post about my ahem slightly overcrowded craft room (you can find it here if you missed it) it's time to do something drastic! I signed up for Rhomany's Whimsical Workspaces last year on Willowing and she totally went at her craft room like a whirlwind, in fact this... Read more →


Letraset Aqua Markers - yum yum!

OK - the lovely Jane Davenport introduced me to these, I couldn't resist after seeing the amazing journal art she produced with them - so being me, I ordered ahem... a few. When they arrived I stared at them and wondered what I was going to use them for - I'm not quite in Jane's league so drawing directly into my journal with these was a little intimidating. So ...... I stamped on some of my normal card and started... Read more →