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Astounding Realism!

Just had to share this jaw dropping 3D art by the amazingly talented Riusuke Fukahori a Japanese artist specialising in amazingly lifelike goldfish.  When I first saw art from this man I was horrified - I honestly thought that he had embedded actual goldfish into resin - even after viewing how he crafts the fish using paint layer-by-layer to build what appears as a 3D fish when complete - there's still a niggling voice saying take another look they must be reall!!!!  WOW what an amazing artist - at this point I wish I read Japanese so I could read more on his blog - I'd love to own one of these amazing pieces of art. 

This clip gives a brief visual as to how these amazing art works are created, one layer of resin and paint at a time.

You can see more of Riusuke Fukahori's amazing art works on the following sites:


"Goldfish Salvation" Riusuke Fukahori from ICN gallery on Vimeo.

My favourite piece (so far) is the gold fish below - so real I'm half inclined to feed it!

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  • Riusuke-Fukahori-Goldfish-Salvation-5