10 Most Artistically Inspiring People of 2011 - No 10 Jane Davenport
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Celebrating my good qualities

HA - after a week of procrastinating I finally sat down and completed my homework for Week One of Lifebook 2012.  We had to write a list of our positive qualities and combine into a journal page with our drawing homework which was a 3/4 turned face.  Well me being me I typed some of my qualities into Google and matched them with a Greek Goddess known for similar qualities - turns out I'm most like Demeter -  Goddess of the bountiful harvest and nurturing spirit.  You can see more about Demeter on Wikipedia.   While Internet browsing I found this very cool prayer to Demeter and I love the sentiments contained within it.

Ancient Prayer to Demeter

Goddess of the earth and it's plants, of fertility and harvest, mother of Persephone and sister to Hestia.

Grant that as I grow and develop my garden, husband my plants, animals and pets, that they grow, are nurtured and protected as best can be.

Give me the strength to adjust to the seasons, neither too rigid nor too pliable, and the ability to change and adapt to life.

Assist me in respecting and communing with nature.

Journal 004

What I Used:

  • Neocolor II water soluble pastels:
    Face - Purple, Grass Green, Dark Green, Russet, Salmon
    Hair - Black & Prussian Blue
    Crown - Yellow, Golden Yellow & Ochre
    Background - Ultramarine, Sky Blue, Violet, Ultramarine Pink, Mauve & Periwinkle Blue
    Leaves - Light Olive,
    Tree - Russet, Brown
  • Adirondack Acrylic Paint Dabber: Snow Cap White on face and dry brushed over background
  • Golden white gesso on background
  • Sharpie Poster Paint marker - Extra Fine
  • Copic Multiliners various sizes
  • Pitt artist pens
  • Pigma Brush pen BR
  • Graphite pencil and blending stump
  • Waterbrush - lots lol
  • Brilliance ink - Cocoa Bean
  • Art Journal stamp from Pam Carriker

Of course there is room for improvement here, but she looks like I wanted her to, soft, kind, caring and gentle.  As far as I'm concerned, I think Lifebook is is off to a good start :O)