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10 Most Artistically Inspiring People of 2011 - No 6 Dion Dior

The sixth person on my list is....

10 Most Artistically Inspiring People of 2011

No 6
Dion Dior
for fabulous use of Zen-Sparkles


 Come on - you didn't think I would have a list without someone sparkly did you?  Whose blog are you reading again???  No 6 on my Most Inspiring Artists of 2011 is Dion Dior, you can find her blog over at Dion Dior & More.  Dion's blog is personal, artistic, moving and incredibly inspiring.   I LOVE Dion's work,  she has wicked fabulous watercolour journal pages and is someone who loves sparkles as much as I do.  I love how she uses colour, there's always a contrast in her work whether it's a neutral background and vibrant image, or simply bold contrasting colours - it really is a work in dichotomy, making her pages a real joy to look at.  Amongst the art, Dion often includes very insightful commentary on the human condition, happiness, wisdom, desire etc.  I have to say reading her words is as equally inspiring as viewing her art and I am often moved to tears by some of Dion's posts.  This blog is a wonderful reflection of a contemplative and kind soul, you just have to read to feel the warmth and compassion of this amazing lady.

WARNING - she is also a VERY bad influence and the reason I have signed up for several water-colouring classes - including hers, and purchased rather an extensive collection of Windsor & Newton watercolours  (this is the post that sent me scurrying for the closest supplier of Windsor & Newton pans - I bought them at Ken Bromley's Art Supplies in the UK )  

You can see a small sampling of Dion's watercolour work below - check the strawberries.


Dion uses sparkly pots of goodness from Luminarte called Twinks or Twinkling H20s, and has been a guest designer on the Luminarte blog - one look at the art below and you'll understand why - to be able to pull off the super bold lotus flowers AND the incredibly detailed and delicate rose - that takes talent!


Dion also uses art to assist in calming the mind and body and expressing emotion, most notably through art forms she refers to as Zendalas or Wisdom Circles - rhythmic art overlaid onto colour.  I was lucky enough to take a Zentangle class earlier this year and actually came across Dion's site while Googling 'zentangle' - wow the black and white tangles I'd see up to this point really don't have the oomph that these baby's have - just take a look below.  I've only completed a few tangles myself, enough to know that it's very easy to get lost in it and lose track of time, but I have yet to feel the calm that many tangle enthusiasts discuss feeling.  I'm really interested in Dion's ideas about circles and the healing effect of creating personal mandalas - so am really looking forward to learning more from her in 2012.   You can see one of Dion's Zen drawings below.


If you are interested, these are 3 of the on-line classes Dion is offering in 2012 - guess who has signed up for all 3???

Mastering Twinks Banner
Watercolor Pencil Workshop
So Dion, can I say a big thank you for sharing your amazing watercolours, your fabulous sparkly art, your zen pieces and providing a blog of interest to the self-aware 'thinking' artist, it's a really nice change to find some substance for the brain as well as the eyes :O)

Images re-posted with Dion's permission.