10 Most Artistically Inspiring People of 2011 - No 2 Mandi-Lee Klinger
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10 Most Artistically Inspiring People of 2011 - No 3 Joanne Sharpe

The third person on my list is....

10 Most Artistically Inspiring People of 2011

No 3
Joanne Sharpe
for BOLD use of Colour

 I first saw Joanne's work in an issue of Cloth, Paper, Scissors magazine, I was just learning to use my Copic markers and was devouring every book, on-line resource and magazine article I could find.  I walked into my local Newsagents (where the 'new' issues for overseas magazines are often 4 months behind) and there it was!  A full colour article (image below) in Cloth, Paper, Scissors on using Copics in journals - a totally radical idea for me, as I was still in the 'I can't draw phase', and I certainly couldn't doodle like the author (Joanne), but much to my joy there was a black and white image kindly included for people like me to practice on.  The colours were bold and funky and totally outside my comfort zone, but for some reason I was drawn to it - probably because it was so amazingly vibrant.

So I scooted off for a look t Joanne's blog 'Whimspirations' and I've been following in wonder ever since, the more I see the more I like.  There is not a person out there who could truthfully say Joanne's work is boring - it's funky, it's bold, it's incredibly bright, it's fun and I love it.  She combines her awesome colour work with bold and beautiful lettering and her fabulous doodles (go and check out her amazing doodle art work - these are not your average doodles!).  If you're not into bright then look away now - as this wonderful artist is 'blazing' - her stuff makes me happy just to look at, the riot of colour, the range of colour, the playfulness of it all - it's just WOW.  The thing that really inspires me about Joanne's stuff is that she is willing to play, begin with the colour and let the art follow, begin with the words and work the colour around - she is so varied and interesting - there's always something new and different in her art that she is trying.  In case you're not familiar with her work, check out what I mean below.

See what I mean - isn't it amazing - tell me these don't make you smile and want to wrap yourself in the colours.  I love all her styles, the lettering, the colour, the use of watercolour, of ink, of pastels, it all just works.  I find the boldness, variety and pure joy in her work a joy for me to behold!  I've been procrastinating a wee bit with trying this myself (I'm certain there's some secret to making it look good) as each time I attempt these vibrant colours I get mud.  So when I noticed Joanne was running an on-line lettering course I was interested, when I read the detail and saw we would also be decorating pages I signed up. If you want to try some of Joanne's lettering for yourself, you are in luck her on-line workshop 'Letter Love 101' begins in February and you can sign up now.  For more info click on the pic. below - see you there.


So Joanne - thank you so much for your inspirational use of truly bold colour - you really have inspired me to get out of my comfort zone.

Images re-posted with Joanne's permission.