Embossing Resist - Starburst Treasure Backgrounds
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Crumpled Starburst Backgrounds

This particular technique creates amazingly beautiful backgrounds and fabulous flowers, give it a try and be generous with your sparkly sprays! 


What I used:

What I did:

1. Spray card with water, it needs to be wet but not sopping.

2. Crumple wet card in your hands and smooth back out onto flat surface.
3. Spray with first colour (I use lightest colour first, in this case Wake Me Up Before You Go Gold) in random splotches.
4. Apply mid range colour to a few areas, in this case Hottie Patottie Hot Pink.
 5. Apply darkest colour in spots, apply a good amount of all sprays so ink runs and pools in the creases.
6. Spritz with a little more water to ensure colours blend, at this point you can also add more of the palest 2 colours if you like - I sprayed mine with an extra layer of Wake me up before you go gold for extra sparkle.  Can be left to air dry or dry with heat gun, I love to leave to air dry as the colours have more time to blend.
7. Once dry iron flat (no steam) or place under books to flatten (if you can bear to do this!). 

NB: NEVER directly iron the sparkly surface of card, always use a piece of plain white scrap paper between coloured card and iron – unless you’d like sparkly clothing later. 

If you're more of a learn by watching you can see me making this below: