Copic Watercolour Technique
Embossing Resist - Starburst Treasure Backgrounds

Create with Colour

OMG - I'm still recovering from the mammoth 12 hour workshop I taught on Saturday!  I started the day at 7:30am and finished at 7pm, my feet are still aching :O)  Create with Colour was one of the components in a craft retreat run by A Craft Affair in Townsville, held over 3 days (August 19th to 21st) at Bluewater just north of Townsville.  During the weekend the ladies attending had scrapbook challenges, auctions, prizes, make 'n' takes, workshops, created albums and from what I could see,  had a ball!

There were that many people attending, participants were broken into 3 groups and filled the large hall, so our workshop which featured a variety to products and techniques all focusing around colour, was held outside.  Class products were supplied by A Craft Affair, myself and the ever generous Tracey from Lindy's Stamp Gang, who sent a fabulous range of Starbursts and other goodies to play with.

I had begun the day with a plan, products laid out, people rotating so we could fit in the most new ideas using the least product, etc - BUT there's always something that crops up to lay waste to the best laid plans.  In this case it was a few somethings - so I have to say a HUGE thank you to Group 1, who had to contend with wind blowing a gale to the point we couldn't emboss properly (as the wind was blowing the powder off the card before it could be heat set) projects flying off tables, no chairs meant that by hour 2 (of 3) there were aching backs all around and of course we were running a tad behind :O)  These ladies were troopers, in spite of having to hold down both product and projects - they not only got through all the pages I had planned - they were kind enough to offer some very valuable and useful feedback which made the other 2 groups run much more smoothly - how's that for gracious!  So Groups 2 and 3 bought their chairs down from the hall, we sadly ditched the project with the thick embossing powder (so I'll pop up a clip and post in case anyone who attended would like to try it at home), weighted down all our tables with extra products and kept going! 

I can't speak for the participants, but by the end of the day I was exhausted but happy.  I'd had great company, happy interested people to work with and had been playing with beautiful products all day and watching others see some of these for the first time and listen to the oooohs and aaahs!  Gotta say that my favourite comment of the day was the lovely lady who popped down in Group 3, who let me know she'd only be staying a little while as she was in the middle of something she wanted to finish in the hall, around 2 - 2 1/2 hours later she finally went back - lol - gotta love addictively gorgeous products.

So a big thanks to everyone who took my class (don't forget to send me photos of your finished stuff email to me at, to the ladies at A Craft Affair (Larn, Helen and Julie) for inviting me to teach at the retreat and of course to Tracey from LSG who sent such lovely goodies for us to play with.  Only regrets - that I didn't take more photos as there were some totally amazing things created, that I didn't realise that it was a TOTALLY SCRAPBOOKING retreat - as I would have taken more scrappy oriented samples and ideas (I'll add this to the stuff I know NOW pile, I thought it was people who scrapped and others - doh!). 
I hope you enjoy a peek at our weekend via some photos below:

Teaching Townsville style!


In the main hall

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Beware in Queensland there's wildlife everywhere, not even the toilet is safe.

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 How do you know you've had a fun day - the hands say it all.  027a

 What were we learning how to create?

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Snaps during the day..... 

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Now don't forget to go and look at the Lindy's Stamp Gang blog in a day or 2 as I'm sending some more pics to Tracey for her to put on the LSG blog - having fun, what the students made and even a finished page!