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Colouring with Alcohol Inks

Alcohol Inks can be applied to colour many clear and opaque non-porous surfaces (plastic, glass, stickers etc.) Try the ideas below....

image from katepalmer.typepad.com




  • Adirondack Alcohol Inks
  • Black Oil Based Ink Pad
  • Adirondack Blending Solution
  • Rubber Stamps
  • Felt Rectangles
  • Tape
  • Glad Bake or other waxed food wrap
  • A5 Coloured Card Applicator Tool
  • Clear Plastic / Glass / Epoxy Stickers


  1. Choose 3 colours of Adirondack Ink and gently squeeze the nozzle (one bottle at a time) onto the felt of the applicator (min squeeze length of 3 seconds). Leave a little room between each colour, or the colours may become muddied.
  2. Stamp the inked felt onto the surface of the item (I used a metal ring, watch face, glossy card, a plastic disc, a Heidi Swapp clear plastic letter).   On the see through plastic pieces I stamped on the back so that the inks would wear better. 
  3. Keep the Applicator Tool moving so that noticeable patterns do not develop. Repeat until the whole piece is coloured – add more ink as needed.
  4. Gently squeeze Blending Solution onto felt of applicator (on top of the colours previously used), only a little bit – about 3 seconds worth – and then apply this over the top of the inked surface. This will blend the colours and lighten them in places – just beautiful! 
  5. For even lighter spots, drip the Blending Solution directly onto the coloured surface.
  6. Try this on a new item using different colours – don’t forget to change the piece of felt between combinations.
  7. The piece can now be used as a stunning embellishment, piece of jewellery or decoration. Don’t forget if the piece is going to be handled a lot it will need to be coated with a protective sealer like clear Opals or a clear spray-on coating.

image from katepalmer.typepad.com

Hints & Tips:

  • Try a packing tape transfer (like card at right) and colour with alcohol inks.
  • It’s pointless attempting to exactly replicate an effect – Alcohol inks are never the same twice.
  • Don’t be afraid to try new colours – be adventurous – the most unlikely pairings could result in a truly stunning combination!
  • Don’t mix more than 3 colours at a time, if more colours are required wait until one layer has dried before applying more ink.