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Mojo Kickstarter: #1 Don't Beat Yourself Up!

Today I feel like this....


Most days I'm happy and bubbly, but today my mojo is low and I'm feeling a bit blue, it could be because my hubby is sick with a cold or because it's miserable and raining outside, or because my work is undergoing 'restructuring' and things are uncertain - whatever the reason I'm feeling flat!

So what do you do when your mojo is low, hiding or just plain long term absent?

Well this is the area of my blog, where I will share some of the things that I do when this happens to me.  

#1 Don't Beat Yourself Up Over It!

There is no point telling yourself off or getting frustrated over the fact that your mojo is low - it happens to us all, I think it's part of the artistic process, we go through ebb and flow like the tides.  Some days / weeks / months we are inspired and can't keep up with our ideas, other times we are stuck.  Accept that it is normal and just go with it, until things swing back around the other way.  Sometimes you just have to wait it out.  

Instead of feeling bad about it give yourself permission to do something else - try one of these ideas:

1) Put on some happy music and start tidying your craft space (come on, we could all benefit from putting a few things away - well I hope it's everyone and not just me!).

2) Grab your journal, put on a good movie and just doodle while watching something - it doesn't need to be a master piece and if it turns out really badly then gesso is your friend :)  I always have a few pages in my journal that have some colour but no image as yet - for this one I simply doodled hearts and stars, added some writing on the base and it will be ready to complete when I feel up to it.  I like to stick to simple shapes while doodling in front of the TV so I don't have to think too hard.

Doodling 1

Stamp out a few images (with no real project in mind) and just have fun colouring in!  Maybe try a new product or colouring style eg: pastel, vintage, monochrome or shades of grey

Take the pressure off and have a play.  I like to grab some spray inks and create pretty backgrounds, just spraying colours onto cardstock and watching the prettiness mix and create new colours on a page - ready for stamping, drawing or journaling at some later date.

Sprayed Backgrounds
 You could use the results for any project you like or die cut when dry, to create flowers or embellishments.

Either way, stop telling yourself you should feel different, or should be more creative or 'SHOULD' be anything! Accept today isn't amazing and make the best of it - take the pressure off, don't aim to finish anything or even start anything, just try and have a little unstructured FUN!

If this doesn't work - never fear I will be posting more ideas soon - I have a stack of them!