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Blog Colour Palette Inspiration - Vision Board

You know I started designing my new blog colours around my scruffy peeling paint brush (more here) well I wanted to be able to sort of visualise the mood and feel of my new blog design - so I created a vision board.  As you can see below it's bright and fresh and feminine.  I don't feel like I'm entirely 'there' with my blog development just yet - but this is the feel I'm gradually moving towards....

Colour Scheme Inspiration for blog

I do love vision boards as while the individual images may not be exactly what you want by themselves, when you combine things it really does give a better sense of 'flavour' as a whole.  I have used these before (mostly as colour studies), but I've enjoyed this so much I may just use them more often.

Have you used these before?  If yes - what was it for?