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Your desk is looking Really Nice, and I LOVE the decals on the desk drawers!
It will look so Cool along with the ones on your walls too.
PRETTY Kitties, btw :)


Kate, I admire your determination. I actually LIKE to paint walls and furniture, but 5+ coats?! Wow, I'm impressed! I can't wait to see the reveal.

My new laptop finally arrived after being held up in customs for several days. Then I spent HOURS (felt like days) loading all my precious files from my dead lappy; and adjusting all the settings. It's close to perfect now and this new baby FLIES. Now I can keep up with all my e-friends again! Plus I can resume my class with Jane (YAY!). My smart phone is FAB, but it's difficult for these old eyes to see everything (anything?) on that tiny screen!

Your kitties are beautiful. My Tigger says to tell them "Meow", which I believe means those blue eyes make her purr!



Wow, what a difference. All your hard work is paying off. I love that you chose white; it will really brighten up your area. Of course, you know that it's turning out so great because of the furry supervisors assisting you.


So I have one very important question...How on earth did you manage to avoid having cat hairs being added to the wet paint???

My two (and only one of mine is a long hair) generously decorate all surfaces, including all my house clothes, with grey and white hairs which even manage to reach places that the cats can't!

Your two assistant decorators are very handsome - are they Ragdolls? And you look very glamorous too in your painting garb.

I'm slowly catching up on your organising posts - just discovered that Google mail had consigned many of your posts to the Spam folder :(

Kate P. (aka Sparkle Tart)

Thanks Vicki, I'm loving the desk decal too :O)

Kate P. (aka Sparkle Tart)

LOL - thanks Mary, I'm also waiting for my replacement laptop to arrive - apparently by the 28th of the month - I HATE being without a computer at home :O( You LIKE painting, I'll keep that in mind for any future reno's...

Kate P. (aka Sparkle Tart)

I'm sure my supervisors would agree Karen :O)

Kate P. (aka Sparkle Tart)

Hi Elizabeth - cat hair, I don't see any cat hair lol. Seriously I accept that since I own indoor long hair cats (they are both Birmans - a lot like Ragdolls), EVERYTHING has cat hair - it helps not to look! I'm sure there is cat hair in the paint, I know for certain there is a paw print, luckily it's hidden by the bottom drawer - someone decided to just 'have a look' while I was washing a brush, the white paint prints leading away across the terracotta tiles sort of gave it away! Since the paint was dry and the print was hidden I left it, you can still see it, hubby thought it was adorable!

Becky D

Wow Kate! I LOVE the orchid on the drawers! How gorgeous! I am afraid I will not be finished with my craft room by the end of May - I am trying, but it has been an extra busy month for me. My daughter is graduating high school and we decided to make all of her announcements, and Mother's Day, and my hubby's grandmother's 102nd birthday and several other birthdays - I am crafting on a table in my living room while my craft room is in such disarray I can hardly walk thru it. I am getting discouraged... It helps to come and see what you are doing :)

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