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Think carefully about how deep you need your hutch, are you better off with more flat desk space or extra space around your computer perhaps or maybe it might fit your vagabond on the desk?

Next consider the weight of what of you want to put in the hutch, perhaps a shallow one will mean that you can have a few of the 'pretty' things that you want? as well as things like ink pads and perhaps your cutting dies that are not too weighty? You could look at something pre-made such as a bookcase or DVD storage case or something like that. If you want heavier stuff, then you'll need something more stable and heavy duty (to prevent the bowing problem you have with the other bookcases).

:) Tamara

Kate P. (aka Sparkle Tart)

Hmm - thanks Tamara - you've raised a few points I hadn't considered here! Adding these to the info I'm collecting to design the hutch.


Hi Kate,

My husband made me a "hutch" that is mounted above my craft desk and it holds an amazing amount of stuff. While it is custom made, it is very simple and would not be expensive to have made. You could even contact the carpentry department of your local high school or trade school and have a student make one for you. The main thing is that the front pieces are attached using a long piano hinge for strength. I have had it in place for almost 10 years and it has always worked beautifully. Here is a link to a pic of it closed:


and open:


One of the great things about it is that I can leave the doors open while I work and still have access to all of my desk area.

Good luck!


paula williamson

One of my favorite things is peeking into someone's space and seeing how others store, organize and decorate their spaces. Craft rooms, studios...anything! So I get onto the All Things Tim emails and I am not even able to remember how I got here to your postings. But man, is this a fun way to spend a quiet morning. Lol, looking at some girls who are insanely organized to some who are giving me a bit of claustrophobia! It's all fun and makes me want to go and see what I can move around in my own space. Hehe, cleaning is my favorite hobby next to crafting and purging supplies is always fun for me. Thanks Kate! Good look in the organizing!!


Kate, I have videoed my room reboot I did this weekend and will take photos today :) Hope they give you some ideas. My rule in organising is to use the vertical space wherever you can - walls are made for storing things!


One more thing with the hutch - consider how it may change your lighting (if it does at all).

For instance with overhead lighting at work I removed the hutch that was above my desk and it gave me SO much more light as it was not blocking the overhead light anymore. Also consider a white/light coloured hutch instead of 'fake woodgrain' or darker one so it will also not absorb the light that you do have on your desk.

You may want to look at painting (spray or brush) some of the storage you already have to a lighter colour to brighten things up a little. what about painting the top of your desk so it's not grey? Or covering it in white contact or a sheet of laminate or even paper and then a sheet of glass?


Kate P. (aka Sparkle Tart)

Yvette you are so right and I'm slowly coming to the same realisation myself, walls are made for storing! Looking forward to your photos..

Kate P. (aka Sparkle Tart)

Thanks Paula - I think I may just need a bit of luck to get this all done :O)

Kate P. (aka Sparkle Tart)

Tamara - a HUGE thankyou for all the wonderful ideas and photos, you are truly a wealth of helpful info!

Kate P. (aka Sparkle Tart)

Margie - this looks wonderful and what a blessing to be able to close the doors on it all :O) Your hubby did a wonderful job - I am now snooping through your photos to see what ideas I can use! Many thanks,


no worries - makes me think about what to change in my own space. :)

(oh and I know that your desk is brown not grey...really shouldn't do too many things at once!!)

Oh - and if you do end up wanting the jars for your pretty colours embellishments. The ones in my pile to find a better home are 13 prima flower bottles (the old milk bottle looking ones) and 20 of the spice jars that look like this http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/40064702/ They just aren't me, I prefer drawers that I can pull out and put back, it helps me keep my space slightly more under control! If you don't, no worries as I'm sure they can find another home.

:) Tamara

PS. Happy Easter!

Kate P. (aka Sparkle Tart)

Tamara I am giving serious consideration to re-homing those storage jars, I just don't want to leap in and then not use them - I think I know where I could use the little ones, though maybe not the milk bottles :O) Email me and let me know how much you'd like for the little jars.


I wish I had walls on my craft area! I have a corner of the family room which has floor to ceiling windows on two sides, my hutch (which would only give you ideas on how to be messier) on another side and open on the fourth side for getting in and out. Any ideas on organising a hutch would be appreciated by me too.

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