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Angel P

Do you have a link for the Kotten colour swatch book? I tried a couple of google searches but could find it :-(

thank you!

But I did happen upon this from ranger that is pretty awesome...and wish i had found before using my label maker!!



I had to go in the craft room and count how many regular size pads I had...you make me think too hard! I have over 108 Stampin'Up! classic and craft pads, Brilliance pads 12, Stazon 18, Ranger Archival 3, Memento 3, Distress pads 45, Chalk pads 16. I bought one of those special ink pad racks but it just didn't work for me so I went to Michael's and paid $6.99 for crates to stack them in. Check my link above or go to http://okienurse.blogspot.com/2012/04/woyww-149.html and check them out on my WOYWW post. Cheap and effective and doesn't intrude on the desk top too much! This reorganization is fun!!

Pat Pearson

You ladies are so awesome in your dedication to the craft. My lowly little room doesn't even compare to anyone's :0)I probably should not have even joined this huge project, but I am finding so many wonderful ideas for my little area, and I do mean little. Someday it is going to grow up into a whole room and when it does I will be ready!!! And I will have to admit that I am just a little jealous of all of you and your goodies. My wish list just keeps growing and growing and growing. Keep up the great work and if you see slobber marks in the comment section, it's just me, drooling away :0)


I love the idea of the Ikea DVD holder, and I happen to have one that I bought a long time ago just because I thought I should be able to use it for something cool someday. Right now, I am thinking of mounting on the inside of my desk, in the knee space. I don't think it will protrude too far, and my most frequently used inks will be within easy reach.
I already have a wonderful ink holder for several dozen of the pads I own, but it isn't quite as close as I would like it for everyday use. My husband mounted one of the old wooden cassette storage holders on a sliding track in front of my Ikea Expedit shelves for me, so it serves as both a holder and a "door" to hide all the unsightly junk in the shelves behind it. It is less than half the width of the face of the shelving, so I can move it to one side or the other for easy access to the stuff behind it. I don't know how to send a picture in the comment section, and I don't have a blog, so you will just have to imagine it, but trust me, it's fabulous!

Debbie W.

Sue Hammel

Debbie, very interested in the storage for pads, pen & ribbons!!! how do I find out where to order these?

thank you very much, Sue


I love my portaink from best craft organizers. I'll be buying my second one soon.


The ones from Organize More can also be wall mounted. I'm just trying to figure out if it worth the postage. Thanks for the tip about the fellow on Facebook; might have to try to get a quote. My crafting supplies have taken over and are so disorganised that I often end up buying duplicates. Not really ideal!

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