30 Day Craft Room Cleanse - it begins April 01 2012
Day 2: What do you have and why is it a mess?

Day 1: Craft Room Cleanse

Right - Day 1 of becoming better organised and creating my ideal crafting space, where to begin.....

What do I want?
I'd love something with some natural light - I hate creating under fluro lights :O(
I'd like a room to myself, something with space for 2 tables so I can leave my paper trimmer and Vagabond out permanently
I'd like a feature wall - something in calming green or maybe lilac or even black!!!
I'd really like a tonne of storage space - including some of those cute little jars where you can see everything inside, maybe some woven baskets, or maybe white storage cubes
I'd like matching or coloured organisation for all my supplies
I'd like everything at my fingertips
I'd like to display some of my favourite artwork
I'd like a separate desk for my computer

In an effort to find inspiration I've been surfing the net for weeks, looking at amazing crafting spaces, studios, rooms organised to such a high degree that I swear the people's children/pets must be colour co-ordinated.  I've been drooling, dreaming and pinning fabulous ideas, beautiful rooms and amazing decorating ideas.  When it all comes down to it all I really want is a room that looks something like one of these, I don't think that's too much to ask...

I could be comfortable in the crafting space of Nicole Balch - from Making it Lovely - more photos on Nicole's Blog

Nicoles studio 1
Nicoles studio 1

I could go all out like Christie Hund has from Creations by Christie there are some amazing organising ideas on Christie's site - have a look here

In a pinch I could settle for the crafting space of Amanda from The Ivy Cottage Blog - more photos on Amanda's blog

Amanda 1
Amanda 1
or perhaps something from Better Homes & Gardens

White studio
I could go minimalist like the craft room in 'Dream Home' from House of Turquoise

House of turquoise 1
or maybe old school elegant like I saw at Scraproom for Nana on scrapbook.com

Scraproom 1I could probably be content with Heather's craft room of Spinning our Webb there are so many more photos on Heather's blog

2011 Scrapbook Room 004
Now to achieve my goal of an ideal craft room I just have to convince my husband to sell our house and move into something where I can have one of these amazing rooms, winning the lottery may help as well.  So I front up to hubby complete with photos above and comments about our rather large lack of crafting space -  hubby says 'no'.   Hmm - perhaps I can have the spare bedroom - it has a window, loads of light?  Hubby says 'no' - muttering something that sounded like 'and where will your family sleep when they visit' - I'm sure that 2 adults and 4 children would be OK on the sofa/couch!

What do I have?

OK - so I seem to be stuck with my current crafting space, 2 walls in a walkway to our bedroom.  I can't put anything across the walkway, I can't make the area larger and I can't make a window magically appear - where's a good fairy godmother when you need one? What do I have to work with - I have 2 walls, 4 bookshelves, a table and loads of stuff to be organised!  So I ask again, where do I begin?

What can I have?

OK First thing - DO NOT run out and buy some expensive new thing that you've seen in someone elses craft room online.  Take it from the voice of experience (yes I mean me - Queen of Must-Have-It-Now), just because it's working for someone else in their space, doesn't mean it will necessarily work for you in yours!  So this will require some consideration, and assessment of 'Need' vs 'Want'.  I swear I can hear my hubby choking!  When I mentioned my intentions for April, he snorted and said he would believe pigs might be genetically altered to be able to fly, sooner than I would achieve a clean and tidy craft room!

So step one - have a look at those dream craft rooms on your list, really look at all the interesting little ideas, is there anything in any of them that you might be able to incorporate into your own space?  This is the list of things that I MIGHT actually be able to do in the space I have - not what I will do, but what I could do:

  1. Install skylight to let in natural light - maybe possible, but unlikely given current budget
  2. Clean off space on table to make it feel like I have more room to work - that's possible.
  3. Paint feature wall - while I could, most would be covered by the bookcases, so possible but not practical
  4. Decorate supply holders with pretty co-ordinating papers - Yep I can do that!
  5. Decorations on wall - words, phrase, stencils, images - I might be able to do that
  6. Install fancy lighting - again depends on the budget, I might be able to do that
  7. Use baskets for storage - I might be able to do this
  8. Display pretty items in jars or clear containers - I might be able to do this
  9. Store Copics in something not in my craft 'work' zone - I might be able to do this
  10. Store pencils, crayons, pens in something where I can see them - to encourage me to use said items - I might be able to do that
  11. Create more use of the space on my desk - assess what I NEED on my desk, what I NEED at hand - I can do that
  12. Weed out some of the things I don't use and either sell them or donate them - I can do that
  13. LOOK at how things are stored on my shelves and where and decide if they are in the best spot - I can do that
  14. Add some art to my walls - I can do that.
  15. Find a spot where my Vagabond can live so I can leave it out - I think I can do that

So while I can't have my dream room - I can improve what I do have.  On to day 2....